#1 For Carrie…

First let me clarify that A. I try to practice kindness everyday and that B. Star Wars has always inspired me to do good for others. I guess you could say I was influence from the very first time I saw this group of motley crues cruising on the Millennium Falcon, all so different but also some what the same, sharing many of the same traits kindness… HOPE.

I’m not sure exactly what the 40 random acts of kindness will be that I document this year, but thats the joy of it…. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Just like the rest of the world I was devastated by the loss of Carrie Fisher and I knew I wanted to show my respect for her. I along with my husband was lucky to meet her in 2013 and she was so very kind, I had even dropped our photo and she even had her assistant find and return it to us. She was a lot of fun, really funny and sassy. I’m so grateful that I had the chance to meet her after 12 hours of travel and a 24 hour vomiting attack, not mention the nerves and anticipation of meeting someone you have always admired. It really did turned into one of those perfect days that I’m truly grateful for.

I know that Carrie Fisher’s talents have touched the world just like she has touched mine but not only  through her talents, but her kindness.
Kindness to strangers, animals and metal health



Random acts of kindness # 1

I always walk past this cute little old book shelf on the side of the footpath that some one painted colourful with curvy scribble yelling ‘Book Exchange’. It always looks a little sad so I thought it was perfect for my 1st act of kindness in 2017. I placed new Star Wars books that I filled with handwritten Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia quotes hoping to inspired that next writer, dreamer or mental health survivor…


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