In A Nursery Far Far Away…..

As most of you know I’am pregnant with my first child Yay!

Amongst all the excitement, running our online store and keeping up with all the latest Star Wars news my husband and I are working on a few new projects including a Disney playroom and a Star Wars Nursery for our upcoming arrival.

We are so excited and cannot wait to meet her, I thought it would be great to share our Star Wars nursery progress with you all, feel free to make suggestions, ask questions, find out about products we have used and share our blog and photos. MTFBWY (you can also find us on Pinterest @Blondsaurus Star Wars Online Store)

Ok where do I start? We only found out recently that we are having a girl!

From the beginning we decided on a Star Wars themed nursery no matter what the gender.

Yes I have had many people tell me and pass comments about our choice of having a Star Wars nursery for a girl. It’s 2016 people, lets just enjoy each others choices and celebrate love and creativity no matter what the gender.

Our base idea was BB8 because since we have been pregnant we and our family nickname the baby, Bebe8, which is just adorable. Also so many Star Wars events have happen since we have been pregnant and our baby bump has attended all of them, so it has an even more special connection.

We started with a freshly painted space, found the perfect BB8 orange paint and created a striped feature wall. We have been given so many special Star Wars treasures and have a great collection of our own. We have many things we can use and take inspiration from, also on our recent trip to Disneyland we picked up some more amazing things.

We chose some art pieces we liked and then search for some curtains. Keep all your receipts because we have returned or swapped more things than we have purchased. It’s also hard not get carried away and buy all things Star Wars, theres a fine line between it looking like a nursery and a Star Wars collection, e.g. my office.

It all sounds so easy but it hasn’t been as easy as we thought. I suggest making an inspiration board and many smaller ones because you will change your mind and you will also find some things you thought look wonderful will just look horrible. Another great suggestion is photoshopping the furniture and colours all together so you can get some idea of what it all looks like and measurements are extremely important as we have learnt with some furniture pieces. It doesn’t have to be expensive, we have done ours on a budget and thanks to family and friends we have been so blessed with some beautiful gifts.


Our most expensive items have been for baby, babies well being and safety.

Decorative items can be found everywhere, Kmart, Target and Big W have some great items and are all cost effective. Spotlight or Etsy is also great and if you have time why not DIY some of your own pieces.


Create your nursery with your love ones or family members, it’s such a joyous experience and should be shared.

As I’m writing this I have a giant lounge that is the wrong colour sitting in our nursery with a painted wall and a floor full of stuff that I have no idea where to put, but that’s the process and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out the pictures of adventures so far and we will keep you up to date with our latest progress, unless our little Padawan decides to come early!




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