The Art has Awakened!

Recently I stumbled across a photo and completely fell in love.
I have so much love for creativity, expression, style and peoples talent, not to mention Star Wars. When I saw this picture from Hoiser Lane in Melbourne I was completely in awe; the colours, style, characters and the feelings it expresses had me not only wanting this wall in my home, but I wanted to know more about this rad piece.
Thanks to the visual kaleidoscope that is Instagram, I found the artists responsible for this piece @mrstevecross @simplesime @jacklesdouglas who are local Melbourne artists/ tattoo artists.
While sharing the awesomeness of this new found piece with all my other Star Wars loving pals on Instagram I received a message from the super cool @cj.spookymulders and thanks to her (Thanks Gal!!) this lead me to @simplesime who did my fav character in the piece, BB8!! He was happy to chat Star Wars and his Art. Thanks loads @simplesime, check out our chat and more about him below!
1) How did the Hosier Lane art piece collaboration come together?
I had an idea prior to the launch date and suggested to two mates wanna paint star was before it drops – they were keen and so we cleared our schedules and made it happen.
2) What’s your favourite Star Wars film?
Prob Empire but Force is right up there a close second at this stage
3) What Star Wars character would you like to tattoo and what tattoo would you choose for them?
Princess Leia in Jabbas palace outfit, and I’d tattoo a rally kick ass Rancor & Gamorian guard on her thighs
4) What does Star Wars mean to you?
Childhood – it means being lost in your mind, relaxing, adventure, excitement, so much – it’s a safety blanket.
5) Have you done any Star Wars tattoo’s? If so how many and what was your favourite?
I have just recently completed a full Star Wars sleeve, it was cool, full colour, mainly Empire subject matter and I’m going to do some photos of it healed very soon – I also did a stormtrooper a long time ago
6) Describe Star Wars: The Force Awakens in one word …
I know I say this all the time, but Star Wars really has a magical force that pulls us all together…. Art intimated life I wonder…
Check out more of the talent that is @simplesime
Instagram @simplesime

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