Star Wars The Force Awakens Valentines Day Cards DIY

With Valentines Day fast approaching  there is no better way to celebrate than with love ones and STAR WARS!!


During the month of February we thought we would celebrate with some fun little, easy, quick, and cheap DIYs that you can do to celebrate ‘love day’.

Why not get your family and friends together for a Valentines Day craft card making session.

Grab your favourite John Williams Score (cue Rey’s theme), heart shaped everything and glitter to celebrate the love.

What you need…

A sense of humour, glitter, hearts, stickers, magazines, comics, coloured paper, cardboard, glue, scissors and whatever else your heart desires.


Pick some of your favourite Star Wars characters and favourite quotes from the films.

Colouring books are great sources for character stencil’s or you can just draw your own.

Why not kick it old school and bring back the collage, using your favourite Star Wars magazines and comics.

Hot Tip
Photocopy the pictures you want to use if you don’t want to cut up your mags and comics. Topps cards are great as well and why not go through newspapers and catalogues.


Hit your local supermarket for heart shape lollies and chocolates.

Two dollar stores have great things and don’t forget the party aisle.

If all else fails just add glitter!!



Hearts and Lightsabers





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