Heres how to make your very own “Rey of Hope” Doll. To read more about Rey and how we were inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, check out the blog here…. “Rey of Hope” Doll

What you need….


Step 1
Cut two pieces of fabric into a long rectangle and a square. Roll both pieces separately.

Step 2
Fold longer piece in half twist and tie with rainbow loom band, you now have a head for your doll.

Step 3
Place smaller rolled square piece under head and tie loom band around waist. Your doll now has arms continue to tie mid section legs, arm, hands and feet as shown.

Step 4
To make your Rebel Pilot uniform, fold orange fabric in half and cut a tiny slit making a poncho for your pilot add loom bands to secure outfit. Finish the details of your doll with white material scraps for the vest and string or twine, wrap and wrap tying off lose ends.

Step 5
Now you have your Rebel Pilot doll, you can make it more authentic like the movie. You can stain your fabric with cold tea bags or coffee. The messier the better, add different textures of string, gauze and fray everything to give it that I’ve been in the desert for many years feel.

You now have an awesome rebel pilot, ‘Rey of Hope’ no sew rag doll!


FYI these are not recommended for young children, with too many bobs and bits. Whenever doing craft with children make sure all materials are child friendly and safe with adult supervision.

May the Force be with you!



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