Star Wars The Force Awakens Australian Premiere

If you told me as a young girl that there would be a Star Wars VII and that I would be lucky enough to go to the premiere I would not of believed it.

Arriving  on the red carpet, thanks to Disney, wearing our Star Wars BB8 metals that screamed a throwback to the battle of Yavin, I still couldn’t believe we were there.


Props, photo opps, costumes, fashion, media and a cinema filled with Star Wars fans young and old. The buzz in the room was infectious.


When the lights dimmed and the music cued along with the world famous Star Wars iconic crawl there was nothing left to do but hold back the tears, remind myself how thankful and grateful I was to be there and that dreams come true……


Seeing the film with cheers, applause and glowing lightsabers made it even that more magical.

A personal highlight for me was seeing the film with my love ones. Sharing the moment with our upcoming arrival was such a full circle moment, passing the Star Wars lightsaber onto another generation. As the credits rolled and the score played, it’s safe to say it’s in wonderful hands.


Wear your favourite Star Wars tee, dress up, grab your lightsaber and share it with your love ones, the force has truly  awakened….

May The Force Be With You Always……




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