The Fans Awaken Part 1: Star Wars Fan Event Sydney, Australia

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to have been invited along to the Star Wars Fan Event, including a special VIP event earlier in the day which I’m not allowed to discuss until the films release. But thanks to Disney it was amazing and full of surprises.

Sydney was treated to an amazing fan event at the forecourt of the stunning Sydney Opera House! With the equally spectacular backdrop of Sydney Harbour and our iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge the event featured special guest Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford.


The event was presented by Star Wars, Optus and Disney and it did not disappoint! The forecourt was filled with Star Wars Fans, trendy food trucks, merch stalls, activities, Gaming Tents (including Star Wars Disney Infinity and Star Wars Battlefront), Photo booths, freebies, replica costumes, a giant stage, a stormtrooper DJ and the longest red carpet I’ve ever seen.


The event was wonderfully organised, with amazing staff and friendly crowds. Jay Laga’aia, or as Star Wars Fans may know him, Captain Typho (from George Lucas’s Star Wars Prequels) hosted the event and was very warm and funny. It’s really no secret that Harrison Ford has been known to be more grumpy than a tauntaun in summer and Jay did a wonderful job.


I was so happy to see that Harrison Ford was warm and witty and took the time to walk the whole red carpet, meet fans, sign many many autographs and was super kind to the kids, he was a delight.


Harrison Ford answered fan questions, shared some jokes and talked Star Wars before he was whisked away, still a scroundel but with a secret heart of gold. It was a happy ending to a perfect day, and as the sun set over Sydney, watching  fans of all ages lightsaber battle on the steps of the iconic Sydney Opera House it was impossible not to get teary eyed and think the force has truly awakened.


A special thank you to Disney, Star Wars and Optus for a truly wonderful day.




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