Star Wars Land … Our New Hope


I think by now every Star Wars fan has their lightsaber packed and ready following the rumours of Star Wars Land. Disney Worlds Hollywood Studios Florida is set to be our new favorite Universe. With whispers of Star Wars Land opening in 2018 or even earlier in 2017. An expansion of the Star Tours Universe, Star Wars Land is set for more rides, Characters, Stores and even it’s own Cantina!!
So pack your lightsabers, grab your pet Ewok and put on your R2D2 Mickey Mouse Ears, we are going on a holiday that is out of this universe.
So what would you all pack for Star Wars Land? Here’s our must haves an R2D2 suit case, Lightsaber, Star Wars travel mug,
a magic tell the future Yoda (a must have for any trip), Star Wars themed Clothing, a Wookie Jacket, a Lando Calrissian Disguise (in case you run into any rebel scum) a Lightsaber tooth brush, R2D2 Mickey Mouse Ears, and the coolest travel companion anyone could have a Pet Ewok!!
Imagine the joy of what Star Wars Land could bring; eating snow cones with a Wampa, kiss a wookie, play in a giant Ewok tree house, drinking with rebel scum in Mos Eisleys Cantina or even ride a Taun Taun…. Yes they really do smell bad on the outside.
This got me thinking about what attractions Star Wars Land could offer. The options are endless … the force is strong with this theme park!
The other exciting avenue the park will explore is that of how pop culture influences modern architecture. We know Disney spare no expense when developing their theme parks and attractions. We have seen architects conceptualise structures such as Hobbiton, and Hogwart’s (Alnwick Castle),  bringing to life all our favourite pop culture icons. The team of Imagineers would have a blast creating Star Wars Land. From the Middle Eastern structures of Tatooine to the Jawa Sandcrawler, which has already inspired the George Lucas Studios in Singapore.
Star Wars 1
So what can we expect to see if Star Wars Land really does become a reality?
•          Jabba’s Palace Bazaar
Hang at Hutt’s castle where you can battle a Rancor, grab a bite with Salacious Crum or shop for bounty hunter treasure at everyone’s favourite mandalorin warrior’s store. Fortunes told by Bib Fortuna, learn some Twi’lek dance moves with Oola while watching the Max Rebo Band perform or relax with a Carbonite Cocktail.
Star Wars 2
•          Ewok Village
Ever wanted to explore the forest moon of Endor, swing amonst the trees or party with an Ewok, well here you can. Even a place for the empire fans to ride a scout trooper speed racer or regenerate at the Shield Generator Juice bar.

Star Wars land 3

•          Pod racing at Tatooine
Channeling your inner Anakin Skywalker in this high speed chase in your own personalized pod racer.

•          Death Star Drop

Join the ultimate battle between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance with an explosive conclusion when the death star is compromised and falls 800 feet to the end of the galaxy.
•          Creatures Carousel
Take a spin on the creature’s carousel. Ride some of your favourite creatures from the Star Wars universe including a Taun Taun, Bantha and Dewback.
While still waiting on confirmation from Disney of the world’s greatest ever theme park, the ideas are flowing and my tickets are already booked, no Jedi mind tricks needed … You will take me to Star Wars Land…

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