“Its a Wrap” – D23 Expo 2015 Star Wars recap


Just when you thought Disneyland couldn’t be anymore magical it grants all our wishes with the announcement of Star Wars Land!!


Star Wars themed lands are coming to DisneyLand and Disney World!! The Millennium Falcon is coming with it and you are the pilot!! The expansion will be the biggest ever for the park  with 14 acres of Star Wars heaven. No official opening date has been announced yet, but some rumours are suggesting 2017 or 2018.

The good news is the wait won’t seem so long with Disney announcing Star Wars updates to the parks in the near future, which include:

Star Wars Launch Bay


Coming soon to Disney parks Disneyland and Disney World, The Star Wars Launch Bay will give guests a Star Wars interactive experience from our favourite Saga and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I’m so hoping this opens during Halloween!!

Star Tours The Adventure Continues

Star Tours will be getting its own new adventure featuring locations and characters from The Force Awakens!!

Starting 2016 “Season of the Force” will be a seasonal event at both Disneyland and Disney World!! With Space Mountain transforming into Hyper Space Mountain… did someone say X-wing battle!!


Along with all the exciting news coming for Disney Parks we also got a whole lot more Star Wars news straight from the D23 Expo.


The Rogue One cast was officially revealed, Biggs is that you?!

A special exclusive commemorative Star Wars poster for D23 Expo 2015 attendees by artist Drew Struzan (This is not the official film poster).

Colin Trevorrow from Jurrassic World, will be our new director for Star Wars Episode IX

 JJ Abrams and the new cast join in all the D23 magic with special guest Harrison Ford


Personally I’m absolutely loving the new cast. It’s so refreshing to see how excited and honoured they are to be part of the worlds most loved movie franchise.


Congrats to one of my biggest inspirations, George Lucas, on becoming a Disney Legend honouree. In honour of the event a Star Wars emoji was created, available to use on the new Star Wars app.


Disney Infinity announce The Force Awakens character play set. With Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn) surprising guests by unveiling their new figures and announcing they will be voicing their characters.
Also Disney Infinity didn’t stop there, announcing special edition Light FX Star Wars characters with actual light up lightsaber figures.


Congrats Disney on all the joy you have given and shared with us from D23. I also have to mention all the new merchandise, displays and epic fan made cosplays… the fans really have awakened.


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