Rollin with my homie

If you’re as excited as me for Star Wars The Force Awakens, chances are you’re already in love with the cutest round droid, BB8!

I put together this quick, cheap, chic craft to celebrate. We only have 159 days until The Force Awakens…..

What you need:

Cheap canvas shoes ( I got these at Kmart for 5 bucks!! )
Paint colours for your droid
Paint brushes ( I already had these at home )

If you don’t have any supplies at home just pick up some brushes and paint at your local craft store.


Pick your design and hand draw it on both shoes.
If you don’t want to hand draw a design you could make a stencil

FullSizeRender 2

Hand paint and let dry!!

FullSizeRender 3

Team with your fav outfit and you’re ready to roll


Rollin with BB8

FullSizeRender 4


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