Hanging with the Dark Side!

I love fashion and personally think our clothes need more than a crusty old wire hanger.

I’m so in love with those fabulous hangers that have funny cat and dog faces but collecting a bunch of these can be very expensive and lets face it I don’t want my coat hanger collection to be more expensive than my clothes!!

So I came up with a super quick 5 min DIY for under 5 dollars that will leave your wardrobe looking fabulous and your wallet full. ENJOY!!

What we need….

Coathangers, Scissors, Craft Glue, Printed Images and Hard Felt

Blondsaurus Star Wars Hangers 1

Step 1: Glue your chosen character to felt and cut out.

Blondsaurus Star Wars Hangers 2

Step 2: Attach head to coat hanger with two dabs of glue in the corners, leave to dry.

Blondsaurus Star Wars Hangers 3

Step 3: Ready for your favourite Star Wars tee!Blondsaurus Star Wars Hangers 4


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