May the 4th is nearly here and no matter how you choose to celebrate every party needs decorations!!
Here’s a quick, fun and cheap way to decorate… let’s celebrate!!

Star Wars Rebels ” Idiot’s Array” an episode from the first season and one of my favourite characters Lando Calrissian inspired these easy DIY decorations.

1) Puffer Pig Balloons


For the Puffer Pig Ballons you will need…
-coloured paper (light weight)
-balloons orange, yellow or gold
-sticky tape


Step 1

Blow up balloon with air or helium.

Draw and decorate your puffer pigs face, cut out.
Fold tape and attached the puffer pigs face to your balloons.
Surprise!!! Puffer Pig Balloons are perfect for May the Fourth celebrating, but we are missing something…… Party Hats!

2) Lando Party Hats

Inspired by one of the coolest guys in the galaxy there really isn’t anything more iconic than Lando’s smooth style and moustache.

These party hats are super easy & quick to make inspired by Lando’s iconic blue cape & moustache.


You will need….
– Party Hats
– Sticky Felt
– Scissors


Step 1

Cut out Lando style moustaches from sticky felt, peel and stick.

“Hello, What Have We Here” the cutest party hats in the whole Galaxy!!

Now you’re ready for a game of Sabacc & a party on The Ghost, just watch your back when Chopper’s around!!




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