Chewie We’re Home – GIY


If you’re like me and the rest of the world this will be a memory forever imprinted in our hearts!
Through the tears and heart palpitations this scene is and will be one of the greatest movie moments in cinema history.

As soon as I saw the second Star Wars VII teaser and watched it another hundred more times, I was so inspired, every time I heard those lines I imagined a “Chewie We’re Home” old school tapestry hanging above a fire place with a matching old door mat in a cottage somewhere in Endor!!

With May the fourth coming up why not get creative and try some of our Star Wars inspired crafts. May the fourth be with you!

1) What you need
Matt, cutting blade, paper for stencils, sticky tape, scissors and spray paint


2) Print off or draw stencils. These were obtained from Google images.


3) Cut out stencils


4) Lay out cut stencils on mat where desired.


5) Cover any gaps so the over spray doesn’t go on the matt and spray over the stencils.


6) Make sure you hold the spray can around 20-30cm above the surface to ensure and even spray. You may need a few coats to allow the matt to absorb the colour.


7) Remove the stencils and reveal your new mat!


Chewie We’re Home and we can’t wait to see you both “This Christmas”.



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