Like a Dream…

Jem and the Holograms holds such an important part of my heart.
Yes she is a cartoon but to me and many others she was and is a role model.


Growing up and living in a tiny country town, where wearing different coloured socks was considered outrageous, Jem was my saviour! The pink hair rock star with a kind heart and the greatest style I’ve ever seen, inspired me to be me, step out of the box, dream big, always be kind and that glitter is a fashion necessity.

When I heard about the Jem Movie & the new comic I was beyond thrilled that Jem was back for a new generation to enjoy and be inspired.

With all the Jem news it was important to me to share where it all began and thanks to the magic of the Universe & the internet…
I chatted to the voice and real life Jem, Samantha Newark who not only is the voice but the heart of this epic character. We talked new and classic Jem, voice acting, comics, video games, kindness, Rio Pacheco and of course glamour, glitter, fashion and fame…..


A massive glitter and gold thank you to Samantha who is truly kind and outrageous!!

1) How did you become the voice of Jem??
Well, I got a call from my agent at the time and she said I had an audition for an animated series playing a pop star. I had never done voice-over animation before and I showed up for my call at Wally Burr studios in Burbank CA with ton’s of other actors and auditioned for Jem and Jerrica. I believe I did read for some of the other Holograms as well. After the audition, I left for a trip to Colorado and I remember my agent frantically trying to track me down to tell me I’d booked the series and needed to come back to CA. And that was “How it all began” 

2) I mean you are the real life Jem, pink hair and a professional rock star, was there a reason why you weren’t also Jem’s singing voice??
I didn’t know at the time that the singing for all the characters was already cast and was going to be produced in New York. I was based in Los Angeles and they were auditioning the voice-actors in LA to match the singing voices that were already cast in New York. At the time I didn’t know that detail and I have notes on my original sides saying “Must find out from agent about auditioning for the singing voice too”. It wasn’t until a while later I was privy to how they were actually casting us in the show. 

3) You also do a lot of other voice over work. What’s your favourite genre of video games or cartoons??
Honestly I’m just now exploring as I missed the whole growing up with video games, We had Pong in the 80’s LOL . I did get to sing on God of War and Twisted Metal Black games among other titles and the digital design for the games is beyond amazing! It’s a medium also that is so extensive and moves so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Some of the anime stuff that i’ve seen is pretty beautiful, the look and tone of it I find very cool . I would love to do some voices for Anime stuff. As far as cartoons, the animation has grown up so much since I was a kid, It’s brilliant. I often think about the kids today, how can you even impress them anymore when they have always had so much more than us 80’s kids had with special effects. When I saw the first live action Transformers film I was beyond floored at how incredible the effects and how far we’ve come, but to a 10 year old I bet they are hard to impress without the reference that my generation has.  


Jem or Jerrica??
Jem, she’s just so fabulous, she is truly outrageous and bigger than life

5) Ok tell us, is Rio misunderstood or just a love rat??
So missunderstood and sweet and just out of the loop. Rio is so far from being a CAD he’s a good egg


6) If the cartoon continued do you think Jerrica/Jem would of finally shared her secret with Rio?!
Mmmmmm, I am inclined to think yes as there are many other charactors who create the tension with the hidden identity aspect. I think that Rio would have to know at some point. 


7) Jem was a role model to me, she totally influenced my fashion choices still to this day. She was a kind, fair, strong, kick arse female. Do you wish there were more strong characters like Jem and Jerrica today?? And why do you think she is so successful??
That’s so lovely to hear that she Jem was a role model for you. I always believed in the moral compass of Jem and I think that is why the show has stood the test of time, bridges so many demographics and why I have such a love and reverance for the show. It does influence kids to be kind and strong and fair and good to each other. I think people are searching for role models and that architype is something to strive for. You can be nice but not be a pushover. It was always about standing up for what’s right “Doing the right thing makes you a superstar” and sadly in the media the opposite seems to be encouraged today with kids. There has been a big campaign to stop bullying so It’s been great to see that and give it a powerful name, Jem was all about that! 

8) Ok what can you tell us about the Jem movie & your cameo?
I’m so excited for the movie to come out. I got an email from director Jon Chu telling me he grew up with Jem and was a big fan of the show and would I consider doing a cameo in the live action movie. Of course I was thrilled to do it and flew to LA to film my scene. I have to say it was surreal and it really hit me when I was walking past the trailers that said Aja, Shana, Kimber, Jem. It had all come full circle after all this time and it was a pretty cool moment. I also was really excited to see Kimber’s Keytar on set and meet the girls who you will fall in love with. It was a pretty magical day. 


9) Jem’s got her own comic being released, will you be reading it??
Yes, It’s out now and I am a fan. I think they have done a stellar job with bringing Jem to that medium and it’s flying off the shelves, so that’s super exciting.

Fab 5 quick questions….


Favorite Jem episode?
There are so many great ones but I do love “The Fan” & “Out of the past”

Favorite Jem song (they’re all so good)?
The original theme song “Truly outrageous” I love that it has the Misfits in it too and also I love “Only the beginning” 

Favorite Jem outfit/accessory?
I do like my Hollywood Jem outfit and of course my Jem Star earings darling 🙂

Favorite Hologram?

Favorite Misfit?


Finish this sentence,
Jem is………truly truly truly outrageous! 

You can keep up to date with Samantha & Jem here: 

Don’t forget to check out the latest comic and new film hitting theatres a October 2015

“It’s Show Time Synergy!!”



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