May the furby be with you!!

When I first saw the images of Hasbro’s new FURBACCA I knew that not only do I want one but it just screamed to me FASHION!!


Going to Star Wars Celebration or perfect for May the 4th activities!!

Here’s a quick no fuss Fun costume:

I present to you FURBACCA inspired by Hasbro’s new upcoming Star Wars Furby!!


Get creative, I’ve even designed a bunch of other Star Wars Furby creatures if FURBACCA is not your style, why not make a Tauny Tauny, Wumpy or a Burtha!!

There are so many awesome fabulous creatures in the Star Wars Universe, get inspired!!

All you need is felt, glue and faux fur. Don’t like to sew, it’s all good cut your material like a poncho, slip over your head, then cut out features (e.g. mouth, ears, eyes), then apply, tadaa!


You have yourself the cutest, quickest no sew Furbacca costume!!

“How you doing FURBACCA!!”

FullSizeRender 2

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