Easter Bunny Standing By

Easter is here! A time for faith, family, friendship and chocolate.
Here’s some yummy treats and gift ideas to get you started. Crafts for the whole family and gifts perfect for all ages and personalities. These are perfect for any Star Wars fan!

For The Padawan
Activities, chocolate, lego, stationary, hot wheels, books and action figures. This is the basket you’re looking for.


The Chocolate Lover


The Practical
These china mugs make an awesome re useable gift.


The Foodie
Make your own tasty treats, including jelly lightsabers and blue milk chocolate R2-D2’s.


 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender7

For the crafter
Here’s a Geek it Yourself idea for some lightsaber inspired gifts.


What you will need:

Felt (in a range of colours)

Easter eggs (the colours that you would like your light saber to be)


Clear plastic bags

Craft glue, (non toxic) thread and needle or sticky felt the choice is yours


Fill the bottom of your bag with mini eggs. roll tightly and remove bag tape. Stick tightly, you now have your Lightsaber blade

The light or the dark side??


Cut some pieces of rectangle fabric squares (x2) for the hilt of your lightsaber.
Now add buttons and other details to your lightsaber, get creative


Well “Hello What Have We Here” Easter Egg Sabers Enjoy!!

Note this is a great fun activity to do as a family or for an easter craft over the holidays.



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