Hair Wars!!

I’m always looking for new ways to creatively express myself and honestly the Star Wars Universe is full of Inspiration.

Going to Star Wars Celebration? Here’s a great way to express your light or dark side!!

Have fun with it, get creative and celebrate your Fandom, this can also be done in anything else your geeky about, enjoy!!

“Do or do not there is no try “ – Master Yoda

You’ll need!!

1) Coloured Hair Spray (washable)
2) Cardboard
3) Images
4) Scissors/blade
5) Pen
6) Glitter


Step 1

Choose your images to create your hair stencils.
You can either hand draw them or search for the images you need

Step 2

Trace or draw images on cardboard (not too thick as it needs to be able to flex a little for your head)


Step 3

Cut out images with blade or scissors, a blade will give you a smoother edge which is ideal for the perfect hair stencil.


Step 4

Make sure Hair is clean, straightened and tidy

This part works better with two people. Position stencil and lightly spray your image, then lift to reveal your Hair Symbol. Continue to do more positions & spray, get creative!! Have fun with it.


*note if you have darker hair, brighter colours especially neon will work best


Step 5

Finish by setting the hair with Glitter Spray, Enjoy!

Rock out with you’re new Hair Art that even a certain princess maybe jealous of 😉



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