Sketch Wars Episode VII A New Sketch

One of the biggest and most important reasons I started this Star Wars VII Countdown was the people, all of you wonderful talented individuals that make up the Star Wars Universe.

When I came across ‘Sketch Wars a countdown to The Force Awakens’, by Nick who is drawing one sketch a day in support of I immediately fell in love with the drawings. Not just because they are amazing, but you can tell just by looking at them that the artist truly loves Star Wars. Each and everyone of Nick’s sketches radiates joy.

I was so grateful to have been given the chance for Nick and I to creatively collaborate our countdowns, requesting this next drawing….

Presenting Loth Cat by Sketch Wars!!


Isn’t it perfect!! I just can’t help smiling every time I look at it!!

I’d also love to share more about Nick and his wonderful Project….

“As for drawings, I began exactly 760 days before the release of Episode VII, no known as The Force Awakens. Since then I’ve been posting on drawing  of a Star Wars character I drew once per day counting down to the release of TFA. There is a lot of different reasons why I started this project. One was to become a better artist. Originally I was exploring different types of illustration which is evident in my older drawings. Late last spring I found a style I liked and ran with it. In August I decided to begin coloring my drawings. 

When I started this project I knew that if I was actually going to take on this ambitious venture, I wanted to do it for some sort of cause. I looked into a lot of different causes, and ended up supporting You can find out more at and

I’ve been a life long Star Wars fan. My late mother originally got me into it by giving me Star Wars action figures. Since then Star Wars has been a huge part of my life, and I’m through the roof excited about getting a new movie. “

I just want to thank Nick again for sharing his project with us and the amazing work he is doing for charity, please donate, follow and support a Sketch Wars on this universal journey!

See more of Sketch Wars here:

Twitter: SketchWars
Instagram: StarWarsEpisodeVIICountdown
Website/Tumblr: and


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