LOTH Cat cushion GIY Craft

If you are a Star Wars Rebels Fan there is a good chance that your heart has been stolen by these loveable, moody, temperamental creatures native to Lothal.

image 1

If you too are desperate for your very own LOTH Cat follow our simple tutorial;

What you need;
Needle & thread
LOTH Cat inspiration
Baking paper to make a pattern
Coloured felt LOTH cat colours of course 😉
Sticky felt (optional)

Step 1

Sketch your LOTH cat look at pics and decide how you would like it to look

step 1

Step 2

Pick your felt colours and start working on your pattern

step 2

Step 3

Draw and cut pattern
Pin pattern to felt and cut away starting with head

step 3

Step 4

Cut and add other features to your LOTH cat

step 4

Step 5

Glue pieces & features to face and head
Hot tip: Sticky felt is quick and fast!!

step 5

Step 6

It’s time to put our Loth Cat together
Sew and attach but leave a space to stuff your LOTH cat

step 6

Step 7

After you finishing sewing & stuffing your LOTH cat, hand sew the stuffing gap together.
PUFF and you’re finished

step 7

Step 8

Tadaa!! your very own LOTH cat
Style, decorate and enjoy the Star Wars Rebels finale!!

step 8

Don’t miss Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD



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