You Got a Friend in Me

This past weekend I relived all my favourite Pixar moments at the Sydney Hills International Sand Sculpting Exhibition celebrating Pixar’s iconic characters and films.


I love a good sand castle, but these are on another level. These sand sculptures are breathtaking, but beyond how aesthetically pleasing they are you can see so many hours of hardwork, passion and dedication have been put into them.


Children will adore this exhibit, not only can they see the magic of all their treasured characters recreated, but there’s also a chance to meet their pixar heros with a special appearance of Lightning McQueen and Mack from the Pixar classic Cars (15-18th January 2015).

   image-2  image-4


There is an activity zone where kids can create and learn all about sand art.Its amazing to learn that the sand sculptures are made entirely of sand, no additives. The strength of the sculptures are acheived by the high level of compaction of the sand and then the sculptures are carved out of it.


This exhibition isn’t only for children, Adults young and old will absolutely be taken back by this experience. I personally guarantee you will leave feeling elated.


The Sand sculptors featured in the exhibition are artists from all over the world. Not only do these artists ooze talent but I personally think they must have their very own personal stash of pixie dust!

“It takes talent to create art, but magic to create heart”

The exhibition is on from 26 December 2014 – 26 January 2015. This is not to be missed…the magic is waiting!


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