The Turtles Are Back In Town!

Big movies just aren’t complete without the release of some wicked merchandise.

Hot on the trail of previews, TV spots and the latest image released of Shredder, the toys were never going to be too far behind. Check out the new toys for the upcoming Ninja Turtles film….bad ass or just plain bad?


One of the greatest things about toys and collectibles, other than just being awesome, is that they give us more of a preview of the characters and sets before the movie is actually released (whoa the Turtle Van has come along way from the eighties!). Starting with the original Party Wagon, Cowabunga Carl, The Shell Raiser and now the Turtle Assault Van.


Original 1988 Party Wagon                          2014’s Turtle Assault Van

donny copy

Personally nothing beats the original action figures, but being the massive turtle fan that I am, I’ll definitely be adding these to the collection.

What do you think? Do you like them? Would you buy them? Are you going to see the new movie? Let us know!

photo 1-2photo 3

photo 2-2

Heroes in a half shell turtle power!!

Teenage Mutant Turtles hits theatres August 8 in the US and September 11 in Australia!



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