The Fans Awaken

It’s a new year and with that comes new hopes, new dreams and new adventures. This year our universe is going to be awaken again with the release of you guessed it… Star Wars VII The Force Awakens.


Being the Jedi that I am, I wanted to do more than just sit around hiding from spoilers, leaked images and waiting …. So here is my project, a daily picture diary counting down to the release of Star Wars VII The Force Awakens. Whether it be through memories, collections, nature, events, or just sharing the love of  Star Wars through everyday life.


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 photo 2

photo 1

We would love for you to share your pics and memories of Star Wars with us, such as the above photos of Kristel and Shayne’s wedding at Lake Como, Italy, where Anakin and Padme’s union on the lake took place. Kristel first saw this location in Star Wars II Attack of Clones. You can get involved using the hashtags above or email us at, similar to

“May the Force be with you”


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