Are You Ready To Rumble??

It’s the ultimate ‘Stack Down’. WWE presents its new wrestling range of collectible construction sets. Build your own matches, sets and props, then wrestle with your favourite wrestling hero’s figure.

photo 3

WWE Stackable Bricks from C3 Construction can be used with other leading brands, such as Lego. The figures have a Lego Friends vibe to me, but friends these ain’t! Built for action, with snap fit spots to brawl and wrestle with your favourite opponents.  The detail of the sets and the ability of the figures is very impressive.

photo 4

Wrestling fans will love creating and customising the Stack Down playset, just as I did. But I feel these sets will be a hit with even non wrestling fans bringing more fans to the WWE universe.

photo 2

The Stack Down universe features many sets including cage fights, ladder matches and vehicles. I’d love to see the WWE Divas added to future collections, I think they would bring so much to the playsets.

The WWE Stack Down range is smacking into stores this October.

photo 1

Ages 6+.

Prices range from $16.99 to $99.95.



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