Toys in Disguise


“There’s more than meets the eye” especially when it comes to these Transformers 30th anniversary mini figures from Goldie, celebrating three decades of the iconic characters.


These 30th anniversary mini figures not only come with a classic Transformer, but with their own individual puzzle piece to collect and transform into your very own Transformer 3D puzzle


The figures are available in blind bags, carded figures, or packs with the option of three or 5 fan favourite characters.


The collection celebrates and features popular characters representing different eras from the original Transformers cartoon series, the later series Transformers Prime and the Transformers movie franchise.

Including Optimus Prime, BumbleBee, Megatron, StarScream, ShockWave, SoundWave and my personal favourite Grimlock.


A must for any Autobot or Decepticon Fans! These were a stand out and one of my favourite additions to the industry at this years Australian Toy Fair.

What are you waiting for, “Transformers Roll out”.

photo copy

You can catch the latest Transformers Movie is in theatres now


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