Ninja Wrap 23 June 2014

What’s up Poptarts

Ninja Wrap is back!!

It’s been a crazy few weeks with conventions and traveling to London , Amsterdam & kicking it at Disneyland Paris


There’s so much to catch up on!!

So all I can say is Star Wars! Star Wars! so much is happening that I just can’t contain myself. New Female Cast members, leaked pictures, notes from JJ Abrams, Han Solo injuring his foot Phew!!


Supanova Sydney happen a few weeks ago and as always it was an absolute blast. Thanks to all who came and said hi, it was awesome to catch up with so many of you, not to mention Stan “the man” Lee was such a sweetheart…Excelsior!


You can check out a bunch of the photos on our facebook page Blondsaurus

Don’t forget to check out our youtube channel
and please subscribe our Stan Lee jacket tutorial is coming soon


E3 was also happening with loads of amazing announcements: Marvel Superheros 2.0, Hulk Disney Infinity exclusives, Lego Batman Beyond Gotham, Mortal Kombat X and Sony totally rocked it with news that they are launching  Playstation TV with its own exclusive TV series ‘Powers’ based on the comic book…  Amazing!!

Nintendo also unveiled there new Amiibo it’s like Skylander’s and Disney Infinity’s cool cousin with your favourite Nintendo characters rocking your Wii U.

It’s time to power up!!

This week Transformers is going to smash our screens check out trailer here!!

Check out this epic giant transformer In Hong Kong for the world premiere of the new Transformers film Transformers: Age Of Extinction


Have a great week!!

Poptarts roll out


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