Ninja Wrap – Star Wars Edition

Hiya Nerdy Ninjas!
Welcome to this weeks ninja wrap Star Wars edition! I hope you all had a very happy May the fourth, Happy Star Wars Day!!
Let’s celebrate with all things the wars!! 


The internet pretty much blew up like the Death Star with the Star Wars casting news. Firstly can I just say how much I love this picture, my favourite part of this photo is R2D2 hanging in the back in his little crate, so cute!!
I was so excited to see the gang back together!! (It would of been so great to have also seen Billy Dee Williams back- I love Lando)
Mark Hamill, aka Luke Friggin Skywalker, tweeted out the news on his twitter and this, my friends, may be one of the greatest tweets of all time!!


Along with the old came a lot of new fresh faces which is super exciting for them and the industry. Sadly though there was only one woman cast other than our beloved Princess Leia.
Some of the new comers cast are Adam Driver from Girls and the lovely Daisy Ridley who to me looks exactly like Jaina Solo. I know JJ Abrams has expressed that we won’t see the EU storyline (I was really hoping for the Jaina and Jancen storyline). I’m sure we will still see the relationship of Leia & Han and their children, the question is will we see Luke’s beloved Mara Jade with casting announcements still to be announced, let’s hope so.


Yes the Star Wars Rebels trailer is here and it looks like we are going to get some great female characters unlike what we have seen with the Star Wars casting which lacked females.
Star Wars Rebels is set between episode 3 and 4 and I’m super excited for this new show and characters including, Hera the Twi’lek Rebel Pilot (I love Twi’lek! If I was a character in the Star Wars Universe I would so be a Twi’lek). She is a warm, strong minded commander of Ghost (the starship) and is the heart of the group.
Sabine is a madalorian who is spunky, sassy, and creative, a graffiti artist and weapons expert
Check out the trailer here….
On Saturday I helped build a giant Lego Yoda and Darth Vader with Lego Master Builder Dan Steininger in celebration for Star Wars Day.

image-1 image-2

The Lego creations were completed on May the 4th with the world record breaking four metre tall Darth Vader and a 2 metre tall Master Yoda. Check out the finished Lego Star Wars sculptures… Awesome!

NNN Nerdy News from the Net
• The Big Bang Theory celebrated May the 4th with a special Star Wars episode.
• Check out our fashion hacker blog to catch up on all the Star Wars fashion news, click here
• You can also check out my blog interview with the gang from Rancho Obi-Wan, we chatted about their Guinness World Record, Star Wars, weddings, collections and pod racing on
The best way to enjoy and finish May the fourth was with the Star Wars original trilogy marathon.

imageA great time was had by all. The cinema was filled with cheers, laughs and tears!! Spoiler alert Yoda!! 

May the force be with you all always. I’ll be heading to London next week so I’ll be catching up with you all after I get back, until then RED 5 out.

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