Ninja Wrap

Where we wrap up all the weekly nerdy news from the net!! 

Stan Lee is coming to Sydney Supanova ( I know you read that screaming;) 
I’m so excited for this as is the rest of OZ you can catch Stan at Sydney Supanova 2014.
From June 13-15 at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.
There will be also be an art print and a Stan Lee Supanova pop vinyl exclusive for the event, NUFF SAID 

Stan turtle

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle news there has been a bit of a shake up with the new turtles film and no it’s got nothing to do with the Krang!! 
In casting news Johnny Knoxville, everybody’s favourite Jackass, is stepping in as the leader in blue and Tony Shaloub (from the TV show Monk) as Master Splinter.
Also the film is in the process of doing a bunch of reshoots, the film is expected to be released August 8.

Johny Leo

The Lego Movie has finally been released in Australia!! The results are in and it’s number 1 here in Australia Go Aussies Go 🙂 
If you haven’t seen it, piece yourself together 😉 and see it because it’s exactly like the song “Everything is Awesome!!”

photo 1

Star Wars VII casting is nearly complete and the movie has started filming, December 2015 can’t get here soon enough!! In the meantime we have May the 4th (May the force) coming soon with so many wonderful things organised and a giant pop up Star Wars wedding happening in Brisbane, the force is strong.

NNN (nerdy net news)  Quickies

Happy Birthday Alfred E Newman ( Mad magazine ) Robert Downey Jnr aka Ironman, 
Princess Buttercup ( Robin Wright Penn ) 

photo 2

Game of Thrones season 4 returns tomorrow 

photo 3

Captain America Winter Solider is out now and it’s a must see!! 

The Lego Movie video game has been released on all consoles

Rumours of a Goonies Sequel Heck Yes “Goonies Never say die!!”

 Never Say Die

Have a great week Ninjas and Happy International Tabletop Day 
Until next week stay awesome


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