Everything is Awesome at Lego!

I was lucky enough to attend the Australian Toy Fair last weekend and I had an absolute blast! Lego was the standout for me and not just because I’m a massive Lego fan. The people who work for the company are the real stars. I’m talking about you Matthew!! I think a lot of companies, not just toy related, could learn a lot from the Lego group. I personally think the people who work for Lego together with the product make this brand the success that it is today.


My experiences at Lego make me want to hug everybody that works there, just ask Karen. A massive thanks to Karen who took us through the Lego booth. I cannot express enough how wonderful she is.


I was lucky enough to play with the Simpson House and yes it really is that awesome and it will be released here in Australia in May.


I also practically fainted at the sight of the up and coming Lego sets that I was lucky enough to see before they are released.

The new Hobbit , Guardians of the Galaxy and the new Ninja Turtles Movie sets are fantastic.


Star Wars fans may want to sit down, ( I practically fell down ). I was beyond excited to see some of the new classic

Star Wars pieces set to be released  including a giant Lego AT-AT and Mos Eisley Catina, dun da dun da da da da do do do dod do dooo.

To top  it off  I also saw the sets from the new upcoming Star Wars Rebel TV series, I cannot wait for this show.


I also checked out the new Ultra Agents set. This reminds me of Legos own version of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents fighting villains inspired by natural disasters. This had me thinking about the rumours of a Lego comic book series … will this be the story line??? I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of these Ultra Agents, if not in a comic maybe a  TV series .
With the release of the Lego Movie FINALLY about to hit Australia there is a whole new range of Lego Movie sets to be released in addition to those that we are already seeing in stores, these include Benny’s Spaceship which is fabulous and due for release in April.

The Simpson’s Minifig series are set to be released to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Simpson’s.

Don’t miss out on the all Lego episode of the Simpson’s  called ‘Brick Like Me’ on May the 4th
(which is also Star Wars day!!)

Does it get any better than this??? EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Well here’s a fun fact… Adult Lego fans are called AFOL’s (Adult Fans Of Lego)

Be sure to check out my full review of the Toy fair this weekend on www.Geekbomb.net


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